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A new fortnightly 'podcasty' podcast featuring Neal Veglio from Podknows Podcasting and Pete Allen from Carrotcruncher Media... and several guests!
Each episode we delve into various aspects of the podcasting industry.
Using our combined fifty years of audio content expertise we dig deeply for that valuable insight that will help YOU get the best out of your pod! 
This isn't just about the podcasts themselves though. It's about everything that goes around podcasting too! 
This show is for everyone from podcast fans who want to learn more about what happens 'behind the curtain', to those wanting to  produce a highly polished and successful podcast.
Whoever you are, and whatever your reason for doing it, this podcast is all about helping podcasters everywhere to better serve their listeners!
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Jul 31, 2021

*We talk about some award winners in this episode. We don't actually have one.... yet....

This is a taste of what's to come on 'Follow, Review and Share'

This is our first one, so of course it's FAR from perfect. But that's what every new podcaster is told, right?...

You know, on EVERY podcasting community group everywhere...

"Done is better than perfect"

We hope that's not total boulderdash.

Welcome to the brand new podcasty podcast from Neal Veglio of Podknows Podcasting and Pete Allen from Carrotcruncher Media that's brought to you by the brilliant Libsyn! - they're the world's finest podcast hosting company.

We discuss:

The highlights of the British Podcast Awards (of which Neal was a judge and attended) and our thoughts on them and their place in podcasting.

Winner Jess Robinson from "Stars in your Ears" joins us to share how it feels to have won, and her thoughts on the joy of podcasting.

Global community correspondent Stephanie Fuccio tallks to Neal about #PodRevDay and how it's trying to aid discovery.

We talk podcasting microphones! Here's the microphone Neal mentioned that's a cheaper alternative to the Samson Q2U if you're of limited funds!

And here's the Behringer microphone that Pete suggested.

This is YOUR show, so you tell us what you want to hear!

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