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A new fortnightly 'podcasty' podcast featuring Neal Veglio from Podknows Podcasting and Pete Allen from Carrotcruncher Media... and several guests!
Each episode we delve into various aspects of the podcasting industry.
Using our combined fifty years of audio content expertise we dig deeply for that valuable insight that will help YOU get the best out of your pod! 
This isn't just about the podcasts themselves though. It's about everything that goes around podcasting too! 
This show is for everyone from podcast fans who want to learn more about what happens 'behind the curtain', to those wanting to  produce a highly polished and successful podcast.
Whoever you are, and whatever your reason for doing it, this podcast is all about helping podcasters everywhere to better serve their listeners!
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Jan 31, 2022

This episode will trigger all Rogan haters and Anchor lovers! Also, great news for all UK podcasters - you have more potential listeners than you think!

Finally! We're back with another episode of the brand new podcasty podcast from Neal Veglio of Podknows Podcasting and Pete Allen from Carrotcruncher Media that's brought to you by the brilliant Libsyn! - they're the world's finest podcast hosting company.

Admit it, you thought we'd podfaded!

We discuss:

(2m05s) - Podcasting predictions for 2022

(9m16s) - there's more chat with Steph Fuccio, and she offers her 'take' on the chaos surrounding Joe Rogan and the apparent attempt by rival podcasters to 'cancel' him.

(19m57s) - Neal's hatred of Anchor is further bolstered by the latest rumours around the way they treat the feeds

(24m41s) - The Edison UK Infinite Dial report and all the amazing insight that comes of it

(43m02s) - Podcasting news!

Here’s the link to the article mentioned in the news section:

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Hosted by Neal Veglio and Pete Allen.

Music and editing: Neal Veglio.